A native of South Mississippi, Abbye West Pates is a singer-songwriter who has called Memphis, Tennessee her home for over a decade. She loves people and songs so it only makes sense that she'd feel most at home at a house concert or dark listening room somewhere, close enough for a conversation with the listeners. She's a little folk, a little country, and loves a good story. You're invited to come listen in. 

Her latest single release is a 6-song collection of hymns, And With Us Sing (2020). Listen here on the website, on Spotify, and on all major streaming platforms. 

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Abbye West Pates is a singer-songwriter based in Memphis, TN. Born and raised in south Mississippi and inspired by folk/Americana artists like Patty Griffin and authors like Wendell Berry, Abbye tells stories that locate you in a particular place with a particular people. She explores life's real struggles - addiction, grief, anxiety - reminding us of grace and faith and forgiveness in the midst of it all.  

Abbye's first studio album, Leaving the Shadows (2012), reflects on the small town that raised her and the city that's grown her up. "Mr. Cooley," a fan favorite from the album, looks back on her hometown and what she may have missed while "Memphis Song" highlights the choice to put down roots in a sometimes difficult place even when it seems easier to start over again. 

Her next release, Miles of Green (2016), shows us a growing songwriter as Abbye becomes more at home in her sound and vocal style. She continues to draw on her southern heritage, bringing us along on a trip through the Mississippi Delta on "Take Me With You." Abbye likes to explore what one person is thinking and feeling as she does with the characters in "Lonely Guy" and "Stairs," asking "Why did you choose that path? Am I really any different than you? How could things be different?" 

"I want to know what's really going on, what's happening down deep inside of us," Abbye says. "It's the stuff going on below the surface that I'm interested in writing about."  

Abbye lives with her husband and music-companion, Jeff, who accompanies her on percussion when he can. She's also an urban gardener, handwritten letter writer and pour over coffee drinker.